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Kenya along with other African countries have come a long way to civilization. Habits adopted from the West are both good and bad habits. Some of the good habit adapted is technology that has led to great innovations in health, telecommunications and many others.

We are going to look at the bad habits adapted from the West, which Kenyans have copy and paste in their daily lives. Most Kenyans always dream to live like the Westerners, they copy everything they do blindly. Copying is good but some of the habits embraced were bad habits. List of 10 bad habits that undeniably Kenyans have copied from the west.

  1. 1 Junk Food Craze

    Most Kenyans initially used to request for local meals like pilao, ugali, sukumawiki, and fish in fast food or during a vacation. But today things are different you find most Kenyans wants to indulge in junk food like pizza, burger, fries, kebab and many other junk foods. 

    The meals initially known to be highly consumed by westerners have now been adopted by Kenyans. You will rarely find someone ordering ugali or rice on a date, they would rather eat pizza, fries and roasted chicken, burgers or other junk foods from the fast food.

  2. 2 The obsession for raves on Friday

    Westerners are known to be people who have great love for partying. Black Friday was an occasion that formerly was an American culture. Raving in Kenya has become a trend, especially every Friday which is marked a day for pleasure and enjoyment. This habit was not initially in Kenya but through copycat techniques you will find that partying heavily has become the norm of Kenyans

  3. 3 Working on Night Shifts

    Americans are known to work for long hours and especially on nightshift. You will Kenyans have adopted this culture of nightshifts. You can chose to work on a night shift or dayshift which initially never existed.

  4. 4 Addiction to Social Media

    After every 5minutes you will probably find majority of Kenyans online. Social media addiction has become a norm in Kenya and other countries globally. This behavior came from the west where Facebook, Instagram, telegram and other social media platforms begun. This bad behavior has made Kenyans mutually attached to their phones. When you walk around Kenyan street you will find majority of people glued on their phones chatting.

  5. 5 Change in the taste of fashion

    Kenyans taste in fashion has been evolving from time to time. You will find young people especially ladies dressed in those tiny short dresses and skirt, which they will genuinely show that they are not comfortable in them. 

    The change in dress code was a copycat of the west in their dressing in movies or soap opera. The bad habits have led to some ladies ending up in embarrassment.

  6. 6 Change in Lady’s Beauty tips

    You will find most ladies in Kenya spend more of their money on makeup, spa getting their fake nails and eyelashes or eyebrows shaping. This trend has become a norm in Kenya where most ladies spend much time glooming their bodies. 

    The adopted culture initially was a tradition of the west, with the growth in modernization in Kenya, beauty has progressed to another level. In Kenya is that place you will rarely find a no makeup lady. Fake nails is another upcoming trend.

  7. 7 Posting Photos of halfway-naked dress cord #Ifikiewazazi

    The trend of posting photos in that bikini or men posing topless in front of the camera has become a trend in Kenya. 

    This trend has even caused the adults in Kenya very annoyed with the youngsters. There was even a campaign in the social media to punish any young person who post such lousy images.

    LOOK AT: #Ifikie Wazazi: Kenyans irritated due to the Instagram page with extremely adult content performed by the youngsters

  8. 8 Tattoos and body piercing

    Body piecing and tattoos were rare in Kenya and other African countries. But with the music video from the west, most people want to look exactly like their role models. You will find Kenyans going to an extent of getting tattoos and piercings to look like the musicians from the west.

  9. 9 Craze for smoking Weed and Shisha

    Weed craze in Kenya is progressing daily. The habit has been adopted by watching too much music videos, movies and habits from the west. In order to look more like the west you will find many Kenyans especially the youths taking too much weed.

    LOOK AT: Everyday day things banned in other countries like shisha in Kenya

  10. 10 Pornography Industry

    Porn industry is growing in Kenya unlike before. You will some Kenyans participating in the videos. This bad habit never existed in Kenya or other African countries but now you will find phonographic industry has progressed in a rapid way.

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