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With the number of jobs available dropping significantly the need for startups has grown tremendously. Startups ensure that more people are employed, and the demand for everyone to look for jobs falls.

But having a successful startup can be difficult as Forbes found out that 90 % of startups fail. Many reasons may lead to a startup failing. But a good way to ensure its success is by having proper foundations.
One of the best ways of having great business structure, especially for a tech startup, is to have the appropriate tools set in place.

1. Startup Stash

One of the most challenging things to do when you start your startup is getting enough information. Truth be told we are often not gifted in many areas; you might have the perfect business idea. But your execution is flawed.

Startup Stash is a directory equipped with tools and resources for a startup. It compiles all the tools and resources that a growing and new startup would need.

Startups often have limited resources and connecting. Many businesses have kicked off using their newsletter as the prime source of leads. With an extensive resource in newsletter building from StartUp Stash getting these leads can be much more comfortable.

My favorite feature about this startup tool is how clean the website is; it is straightforward to navigate and use.

2. Slack

Slack is a team organizing App. I have personally used Slack for quite some time, and it really does help us manage our organization. By working with an online company, I have colleagues from all over the world, each in different time zones making it very difficult to communicate and organize ourselves.

I tend to think Slack works more like an in-house Twitter network. You can tag a team member who was not in the conversation and notify them that they are needed in the thread.

My favorite feature is the community set up. As a team, not everyone will have associated jobs. Communities can be set up for team members who do related jobs on Slack. This helps better organize the group.

3. Pixel

Copyrights and licenses ar a big market. As much as using the internet is free, using people’s creations such as pictures could land you into some serious legal problems.

To use pictures from the net, you will need to purchase the rights of the person or the company the person sold the image too. This budget may be beyond many startups, and many people risk their reputation by using low-quality free pictures or risk legal action and pirate the images.

But there is a way around this; Pixel has a free directory for stock images. “But how do the artists and photographers make their money if Pixel is free?” I hear you ask. Pixel works more to expose these artists as most are freelance photographers and small. Pixel works for advertising their work and getting them more clients as they want their images to be seen by the most significant audiences, your website audience being part of the exposure.

Pixel has a “submit button” on its homepage meaning anyone can submit images for them.

4. Station

Station helps you organize your web apps. It can accommodate and unify 300 apps. This helps to work without opening multiple tabs on your desktop a burden.

Most people will continuously have multiple tabs opened on their computer as they work. But this often leads to you forgetting or neglecting some apps. Station is a startup tool that has a notification system that allows you to manage all your apps under one banner.

The tool also makes organizing easy, because it does all the organizing for you. All you have to do is open the tool and find the app you want.

Its unified search feature helps you source a piece of info across all the platforms you set up in Station. Sometimes you start communicating with someone on Facebook and move to emails, but you cannot trace any info or document you sent them, and on which platform you used to address it.

5. Good Email Copy

As a startup, there is a lot of experimentation that you will have to do. And one of the most significant places you will experiment on is the newsletter and cold emails. You will have to change the system and wording until you find the template that best works for you.

But many entrepreneurs will tell you copying or mimic successful companies is one of the best ways to launch your success.

Good Email Copy understands just this. It has compiled an extensive list of sales emails from different companies across different industries. If you are in the catering industry, you can go over to this startup tool and check how other catering websites send out their newsletter.

Good email copy focuses more on the actual content of the email rather than design. And this is evident from the email copies being in plain text.

6. Colors

Colors is another excellent tool for startups, especially those with a small budget. Imagery is a very powerful tool when you want to give your business community a feel for what you do. So you have got images from Pixel, now you need colors and color schemes to complement the images on your site.
Colors is a tool which helps you create color schemes that you can quickly and seamlessly use your image, logo and any other place you want to associate the brand with color such as your office space.
You can pick a color from an image and implement it as you wish. This can really help in merging the background effect of the image.

7. Crello

Crello is a free graphics designer tool that would make it perfect for startups. In a bid to create a visual identity, businesses often have to experiment on with many aspects, which can be costly. Crello is free, and therefore your experimentations can be as many as possible and still fall within your budget.
Crello allows you to create images for social media posts that connect better with your audience, build your identity and brand awareness.

This startup tool has over 10,000 layouts that you can manipulate and get the best fit for your organization and over 65 million stock images.

My favorite part about Crello is that I can use it to create infographics. Infographics are quickly out powering images in social media. They pass a more comprehensive message, and are easily shareable. Plus, they are great for SEO enhancements.

8. f.lux

F.lux is one of those tools that you didn’t think you needed until you actually use it. On the surface, it sounds like it is solving a very SCIFI and millennial problems or a made up disease. But looking at the science and if you use computers for large parts of their day, it makes a lot of sense

f.lux helps you regulate the brightness of your screen to help you see the light better. The screen light is made to look like the sun. Perhaps you have noticed that it is easier to look at your screen when there is natural light in the room, I.e., sunlight than at night. The tool helps you to adjust the screen color at night to look more artificial like the current source of light in the room bulbs.

It can also help you sleep better by removing the blue light rays that are so prominent in our computer lights. Blue light suppresses melatonin, a hormone that suppresses sleep. This probably explains why we feel less sleep during the day, because sunlight is saturated with blue light. f.lux replaces the blue light with Red light in the evening and hence helps you sleep better.

9. Prisma

This is not really a tool for start Ups as it is more of a Photoshop tool than a startup tool. But I have seen many organizations use it to significant effect, especially for marketing purposes.
Prisma changes your photos into art based on artistic styles of famous artists. Art often captures moments better than photos, and it can lead to more eyeballs looking at your “artwork” hence more leads. For a startup, you need as much publicity as possible, and perhaps Prisma can help your company appear unique and offering something different.

10. Carrd

Carrd is a tool that enables you to create simple one-page websites that are great for landing pages and profiles. Landing pages are becoming an essential part of startup today. A landing page will help you grow your mailing list and marketing funnels making your marketing effort more effective and affordable. While profile pages help you name grow in authority, hence people believe in your brand more.

What helps Carrd stand out is its simplicity. Websites have moved from clunky, heavy designs too much simple and lighter designs. Carrd really showcases this attribute resulting in a better loading site that your potential clients can easily navigate and follow your call to action protocol.

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