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Many of us have at some point suffered a heartbreak. It is not a fun experience. They are difficult to deal with, but the bad news is that they are a common phenomenon of human experience, especially in Kenya. Whether a heartbreak is good or bad, we always come out as different people on the other side. 

Still, a heartbreak is probably not something that any one of us would wish on even our biggest enemy. However, there are lessons and facts that we can all learn from the painful experience that is a heartbreak.

  1. 1 Heartbreak have the ability to trigger heartbreaks

    Heartbreaks have a direct effect on a person’s self-esteem. They can also be extremely humiliating. Due to such factors, they are more likely to cause depression than when a person suffers the loss of a loved one due to death.

    Researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University made this deduction after carrying out a study on 7,000 male and female twins who were experiencing stressful events in their lives.

  2. 2 Heartbreak hit women harder

    According to a scientific study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, women find it harder to bounce back when a person breaks up with them. As a woman goes through several breakups, her mental health goes on a downward spiral.

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  3. 3 Weight loss

    Due to increased stress after a heartbreak, people tend to lose their appetite. According to a study carried out by Forza Supplements, women on average shed two Kgs when someone breaks up with them.

  4. 4 Heartbreak can lower a person’s immune system

    A person breaking up with you can make you suffer from prolonged stress. In turn, the stress can lead to inflammation and mess with the balance of the microbes in your gut. This the leads to a compromised immune system.

  5. 5 Intrusive thoughts

    Just when you are beginning to celebrate that you are finally over your former lover, the brains hits you with intrusive memories of them. It could a scent or a picture that reminds you of the good times that you had, but now you suddenly find yourself not able to get your mind off them. During such moments, it is advisable to engage in activities that limit your flashbacks.

  6. 6 You might turn to crazy actions

    Breakups can tamper with your perception of reality. During such moments, you might find yourself stalking your lover on social media. You could also find yourself passing by their house, totally convinced that what you are doing is harmless. The craving for your ex is similar to drugs addiction.

  7. 7 Insomnia

    We all need a good night’s sleep. However, that is hard to come by for someone suffering through a heartbreak. The emotional turmoil will cause them to remain awake for long periods, or have restless nights.

  8. 8 The term heartbreak can be eerily accurate

    In some cases, romantic breakups can cause a condition that mimics the signs of a heart attack. The condition is called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or in layman’s terms, the broken-heart syndrome. It is more common in women than in men.

  9. 9 Heartbreak can lead to death

    The Minneapolis Heart Institute studied 200 broken heart syndrome victims. The scientists found that in the patients with other serious ailments, the possibility of death was higher than with patients living with other heart complications.

  10. 10 A positive attitude helps

    It is not all gloom and doom, though. According to the American Psychological Association, focusing on the positive can help one recover faster.

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