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Like most, you were thinking that the Toyota Probox would be the most popular car in Kenya but no. It actually features nowhere on this list given its very unpopular. Common, yes but popular, no. So, what is actually on this list? 

Well, on this list are the most common vehicles on Kenyan roads and which remain special to those who look at them and those who drive them. On this list, Toyota’s are dominant and it’s quite simple and clear why. 

They are cheap to buy, cheap to run and simply efficient at what they do. You can’t brag about owning one, but you always get to where you want. This list also welcomes other upcoming brands that have become quite popular and although they are not as cheap as Toyota’s have their own bragging rights.

  1. 1 Volkswagen Golf

    This comes as no surprise with the Volkswagon company having recently set up a firm in Kenya (in Thika if you're wondering). The Volkswagon Golf in Kenya has different versions and almost all of them can be seen on Kenyan roads and while the car was not very popular a few years ago, it has climbed up the charts. 

    It is preferred for its incredibly low price (credit to the local manufacturing), it is cheap to insure, easy to run and comfortable to drive. Lastly, for a hatchback, it is great to look at.

  2. 2 Mazda Demio

    You might not like how some people look in it, but you have got to admit it damn looks good parked. The new Mazda Demio Kenya is another popular car on Kenyan roads and taking a closer look it's easy to see why. The supermini car which has an incredible 6-speed gearbox handles remarkably and cries out to the pockets of Kenyans; hardly siphoning any petrol. This coupled with its low price and good looks make it an almost perfect car.

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  3. 3 Toyota Mark X

    Again, a vehicle with different versions but subtle difference. Most of us don't even spot the difference but it's not really our fault, Toyota Kenya just like toying with its customers with many of the same cars. 

    However, regardless of which one you look at, they all look good, especially from the front. That X logo on the front is almost like having that Benz logo, "almost" I said. The Mark X is also fast, cheap and easy to run given that it's basically a Toyota fielder with a better dress on.

  4. 4 Subaru Outback

    A few months ago Kenyans were complaining about the noise Subaru's make, and they do make a lot of it. However, Subarus are still one of the most popular cars in Kenya.Their cries have evidently reached the companies ears. As Subaru sales continue to rise, it's been noted that the noise has disappeared. 

    The Subaru Outback Kenya has been one of their latest releases and one of their few quiet ones. Designed to look and be sporty but accommodate family, the Subaru Outback has been a popular choice among Kenyan fathers. Its been a car to take out the family on a Sunday afternoon and race your friends to Naivasha for some nyama choma.

  5. 5 Toyota Prado

    Even with its replacement and greatest competitor (Toyota Land Cruiser V8) still trying to take its sit, the Prado still dominates the road in Kenya. But this is just because it was the most luxurious car some time ago and so many were bought.

    So in order of buying, the V8 has the numbers but they simply cant march the already existing Prados. All in all, the V8 is a better car in every way than the Prado except in prices. But let's not kid ourselves, the Prado might be a lesser car than the V8 but the 4 x 4 SUV remains better than most cars around it.

  6. 6 Toyota Corolla

    Toyota Corollas are the most popular cars on Kenyan roads and it's not because that they are not just many of them on roads but also there are so many versions of them. While people driving a Toyota E100, Toyota NZE, Toyota Sprinter or Belta, just to name a few, might be thinking you are driving different cars, they are all the same; Toyota Corollas. They are just from different generations and have been modified with every new generation. 

    They are however not popular for their outstanding performance but rather their performance. For example, the Toyota E100 was manufactured back in 1990 and to date, there are thousands of them in excellent condition. This line of Toyota Corollas has proven to be cheap, reliable and easy to run and drive. They are Kenya's number one choice of car.

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