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Do you fear that the Kenya girls you really like has firmly placed you in the friendzone?

While most Kenyan guys like to joke about being in this dreaded position, the reality is that it is a painful experience if you are really into a woman.

Most often than not, such friendzone jokes are meant to lessen the pain of rejection.

While some girls are upfront and immediately let the guy they do not see them as boyfriend material, others like to play games.

It is important for a man to know what signs to look for when dating.

  1. 1 She does not find you funny

    Even when they are not dating, a girl will laugh at a guy’s jokes, no matter how corny especially if she is attracted to him. I dare you to eavesdrop in any popular nightclub in Nairobi and hear the kind of jokes from the boychild. But the Nairobi chic will laugh as long she finds the guy attractive.

    If a girl rarely or never laughs at your clever imitation of Kenyan politicians, for example, its time to start getting worried. You are probably not even friend zone material.

  2. 2 She asks you about other women

    If the girl of your dreams is constantly talking about other women when you are together, there are two possibilities here.

    One, she is trying to find out what kind of women you like, in which you should thank your lucky stars.

    Two, she is trying to hint you into pursuing one of these women. At this point, you should just walk away and go nurse your wounded heart with a cold Tusker.

  3. 3 She calls you “friend” or brathe

    Brathe, BFF, Bestie, Homie, bro, My G,... if you have been called this just stop reading this article here and go and unsave that girls name from your phone as future."

    When hanging out, closely watch how she introduces you to her friends or family.

    If she keeps saying “huyu ni beste yangu Kevo”, it is time for you to accept your place in the friend zone.

  4. 4 The Kenya girl avoids being seen with you in public

    She has a habit of canceling plans whenever you plan to hang out. And if she eventually comes out, she avoids unnecessary physical contact.

    COntact is the most obvious form of interests, especially from the kenya girls. It shows intent and interest. 

    You probably see her more at night than during the day.

    You are in the friendzone, brathe!

  5. 5 She has no shame telling you about her hookups

    One of the clearest, and most painful, to find out that you are in the friend zone is when the Kenya girls of your dreams keep chatting about the dudes she finds attractive, but you are not on that list.

    You might selfishly think that those men are not good for her, but it is not up to you to decide, is it?

  6. 6 She drags her friends to your dates

    Kenya girls love bringing friends for a supposed date. But when a girl is serious about you she will not deploy this tactic. The whole point of one on one meeting is to show the other parson a part of you that is sacred to you.

    If you invite her to a date and she brings her friend, you could chalk that up to the fact she does not yet trust you.

    If she keeps bringing her friends to subsequent dates, she is not into you. She is there for the free nyama choma, you are her weekend plan if all others fail.

  7. 7 No physical contact, ever

    A hug is the bare minimum when greeting someone. But if this Kenya girl avoids holding hands or does not rest her head on your shoulders, move on, dude.

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