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We all know the likes of Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian who are all women famous for their curves and trying to be Sexy African women.

Well, these are not the only women on earth who are well endowed in that area and the ones I am about to mention to you are curvy African women whose behinds have nothing on Kim K and Amber.

I mean, even Nicki Minaj would possibly put them on her wish list because they are beautiful dark skin women who are entirely blessed!

  1. Alvin Collin

    In recent past, the entertainment industry in Africa has experienced an increase in the number of video vixens who are sexy African women with very perfect figures and thus, this has become a major requirement for beautiful dark skin women who wish to enter the industry and make a big buck!

    Here are the Best Known Curvy African Women.

    I Risper Faith

    Risper FaithRisper Faith is one of sexy African women who started in the Kenyan scene as a model and video vixen and managed to evolve into a reality TV star, entrepreneur wife and mother all by 2018. 

    This Sexy African women, Risper Faith, was previously on the cast of the popular hit reality Kenyan show called Nairobi Diaries, where her and her husband, Brian Njunge were part of a dramatic cast that always had something cooking. She is from Western Kenya and she is very well endowed with a very nice backside. 

    II. Daniella Okeke

    Daniella Okeke Daniella Okeke is one of the fastest growing actresses from Nollywood. Aside from that she is also a philanthropist, business woman and model. Okele is very well endowed in the backside making her one of the Best Known Curvy African Women

    Daniella Okeke has a great personality and is very friendly too. She’s not too showy and she works hard for what she wants in life. In 2014, she was nominated for a Best Actress award and since then she has been steady growing in her acting career. 

    III. Lisa Visagie

    Lisa VisagieLisa Visagie is a South African actress and model making her one of the most Sexy African women. Lisa Visagie was born in 1992 and she is currently based in California, USA.

     Before she joined the plus-sized modelling community, Visagie was a size two straight model and she is now the founder of Natural Model Management company which accepts any type of healthy bodied model. 

    IV. Grace Msalame

    Grace MsalameGrace Msalame is a well-known Kenyan TV personality who is very well known in The Kenya entertainment scene. Msalame studied Communication and Electronic Media at Daystar University and she began her TV career working at KTN. 

    Grace Msalame was the show host for the famous Str8 Up entertainment show that used to air with DJ Kaytrixx and that is how her career went on lift off partly due to her being one of the best known curvy african women.

    V. Anita Joseph

    Anita JosephAnita Joseph is a  Nigerian actress and songstress coming from the south east part of the country. Anita the actress from Naija, studied Mass Communication. 

    Known as one of the most beautiful  dark skin women, Anita Joseph had been in the spotlight for a while before she got married to mystery man, she has managed to hide the identity of to date. However, she has born a child named Michael with the said man. She goes by the name Nita J in public.

    VI. Vera Sidika

    Vera Sidika

    Ever since her exposure to the Kenyan limelight in 2012 in the hit song You Guy, Vera Sidika has successfully managed to remain on the Kenyan TV scene to date partly due to being one of the most beautiful, curvy african women in Kenya . Vera, the best Known Kenyan Sociolite, is a club host, entrepreneur and in recent announcements, a TV show host and singer. 

    Vera Sidika was born in the coast and she studied Interior Design for a short time at Kenyatta University, meaning she is as smart as she looks! 

    From the Vera Sidika images she currently approximated to be worth $2.5 million and she is only getting better with time. She has a very private life and few people know much about her business life. 

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  2. Alvin Collin

    Dark skin women are not a rare sighting in Africa. In fact, it is who we are and they are quite a number of very dark skin women in Africa that have managed to make a career out of their skin color through modelling for foreign firms and agencies. 

    However, in the recent years, some of the sexy African women have been noted to undergo certain skin procedures in order to change from dark skin women to light skin women in the entertainment industry. 

    Some of the women who has also done this kind of treatment are curvy African women like Vera Sidika and Bridget Achieng’ of Nairobi Diaries. Additionally, in the recent years, there has arisen a preference for light skin, curvy African women in the music and entertainment scene. 

    Dark Skin Women to Light Skinned Divas, here are some of the sexy African women headlining the scene.

    I. Vera Sidika

    Vera Sidika Images

     A lot of you may know her from the famous You guy video by P-Unit. Vera Sidika has been living her life on the fast lane since she broke out into the entertainment scene. 

    Vera Sidika was previously a dark skin woman and she underwent a skin lightening procedure that she spends millions of shillings on to ensure that all parts including her knuckles were bleached out to make it worth every penny. 

    II. Bridget AchiengBridget AchiengBridget Achieng is a Kenya stylist, socialite and model. This Kenyan Socialite is one of the most naturally curvy African women in Kenya and she has been on the public scene for a while now since breaking out on the hit show, Nairobi Diaries.

     Bridget Achieng used to work as a house maid and lived in Kibera, but she has managed to weather the storm and come out stronger on the other side. She is pregnant and is expected to be giving birth to her child in a month or so, by February. 

    III. Julie GichuruJulie GichuruJulie Gichuru may not have been a former dark skin woman, but she is surely one of the light skin, sexy African women who have been gracing our TV screens for as long as we can all remember.

    Julie Gichuru is a very successful TV presenter and entrepreneur while off screen in Kenya.  Gichuru began her career at KTN and she slowly grew up and out and into the TV scene very quickly. She is a mother, wife, daughter and friend to many. 

    IV. Huddah Monroe


    Who doesn’t know one of the best known curvy aftican women in Huddah Monroe? After her sudden rise to fame when she joined the famous Big Brother Africa TV show where she was able to achieve worldwide fame. 

    Huddah did not always have the lavish life we see her with today and she actually grew up is Eastleigh, Nairobi. 

    Huddah is half Somali, half Kikuyu. Huddah, The Kenyan Socialite, is hardworking and ambitious and despite her background she has been able to rise above and come out at the top. 

    V. Avril Nyambura


    Avril Nyambura is a Kenyan singer and songwriter hailing from Nakuru. ThisKenyan Musician who is also one of the best known Sexy African women, studied Art and Design as well as Graphic Design at Kenyatta University and her light skin looks are as natural as they come. Avril began with her interest in music very early, while still back in primary school and she has not stop chasing her dream since. 

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  3. Alvin Collin

     Times are changing and as the years go by, Beautiful dark skin women and beautiful dark skin women have begun to dominate the spotlight as models, entrepreneurs and even top stylists in the fashion industry. Even in the upcoming Hollywood movie industry, beautiful dark skin women like Lupita Nyong’o and Viola Davis have risen to the spotlight in a very short time. 

    In addition to having these women at the forefront of the spotlight, sexy African women have also risen to the spotlight for their exceptional looks and body shape. From Vera Sidika Images and other dark skin women have been a part of the revolution of women who are taking make-up to the next level. 

    Over the years, there has been a constant raging debate about whether light skin African women are more beautiful than dark skin women. In surveys conducted and even interviews carried out, people have been found to favor light skin women more than darker skin ones, but in a sudden shift in trends between 2017 and 2018, dark skin women have even been spotted on the Victoria Secrets and Calvin Klein catalogues. 

    Beautiful Dark Skin Women

    Here are some dark skin women seen in the spotlight in 2018

    I. Lupita Nyong’o

    Lupita Nyong’o

    Lupita Nyong’o is one of the biggest actoresses in Hollywood and Beautiful Dark Skin Women. Lupita was born in Mexico City in Mexico to her Kenyan parents. Her father had been a lecturer visiting Mexico at the time of her birth. She grew up in Kenya and when she was 16, she was taken back to Mexico to learn Spanish.  She later went on to study film and graduated from Yale School of Drama. 

    II. Viola Davis

     Viola Davis

    Viola Davis is An African Black American actress who over the years has been able to obtain roles in major shows such as Law&Order and Grey’s Anatomy. Viola Davis grew up in Rhode Island, USA and she attended Rhode Island College where she graduated with a degree in theatre in 1988 and then she went on to attend Julliard School of Performing Arts in New York City. 

    III. Justine Skye

    Justine Skye

    Justine Skye is a hiphop/RnB singer hailing from Brooklyn, New York and she is one of the few dark skin women at the front of the entertainment industry in the US. She is very talented and she is young and able to influence those who look up to her. 

    IV. Gabrielle Union- Wade.

    Gabrielle Union was born in the state of Nebraska and she attended the University of Nebraska for her higher learning. She transferred to UCLA where she graduated in sociology and despite all this, Gabrielle always knew she would be an actress regardless of what anyone said. 

     Being a dark skin woman is no longer the issue but an empowerment point. A lot of models are coming and they are darker every day. The mentality that only lighter skin women are able to be successful and work properly within these various industries is something that is beginning to be believed less and less especially in 2019. 

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