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Cheap and Best valentine’s gifts from Jumia Kenya

It is almost Valentines Day, a time of love but even more important gifts. We have already covered the origin of certain holidays but since it here we thought we would share some great gifts to get him or her this valentine.

Great gifts to get her this Valentines Day

Kitchen appliances

Women generally love to make houses feel more homely. The kitchen is the first place to turn a house into a home.

Why this valentines gift

  • If you feel that you have a future with her, this will definitely show your intentions.
  • You really can’t go wrong with this kitchen appliances.
A few great cheap gifts

Meat Grill Non-Stick from Jumia; This is a small meat grill that you can make some choma chicken at the convenience of your house. Best of all this is really like a gift for him as which man doesn’t like some grilled meat. Not really romantic but practical.

Kitchen cabinet: well not the traditional clunky cabinet. Technology has created a wide range of appliances, and kitchen cabinets have evolved as well into simple detachable appliances. Check out kitchen cabinets from Jumia Kenya.

Great deals on kitchen appliances from Jumia Kenya


Jewelry makes a statement. It shows sophistication and class. But you have to be careful with this depending on how far you are along in a relationship.

Early own in the relationship

Get her a bracelet: this shows commitment and thoughtfulness. Getting her a ring too early on may scare her away or make her think that you are proposing.


After you have known each other better

Get her some earrings with a matching necklace earings for Valentine’s Day. Again such a valentine’s gift shows intent. Help her put on the necklace and whisper something in her ear like “thank you for all the support thus far.”

Check out some great prices on jewelry on Jumia


Get a pair of matching watches. Matching attires is a great way to expand your love and your relationships.

Picking a watch for her

  • Leather straps: she can were then with official clothes
  • Small watch piece: great for formal dinner and a dress as they do not remove focus from her.
  • Colorful watches: they are mostly for a flamboyant person, Or a casual attire day. Great for the weekends or a night out.
  • Large watch piece: a bit masculine but great for a reserved look or a night out.

Check a wide range of watches for her here


We recommend that you buy the dress a little early so that she can be it on the next date you go out. Dresses work well for almost any occasions, so we suggest you find out what she likes first.


Oooh!! This is more your gift than hers. But it definitely helps spice up things. Many people experience a rift when things are getting boring with the same old routine. Nothing sets things alight like some chemistry in the bedroom. Here just pick what you like for her.

Great gifts to get his this valentine day


If shoes don’t maketh the man, then his scent does. A gift of cologne from his better half will be worn with pride, and since it is something really noticeable, he will always remember you when he puts on the cologne.

colognes can be tricky here is a short list and an affordable example of the typ of cologns

Leather smell colognes; Leather is the earliest note used in the art of perfumery and usually comes from natural sources. leather perfumes are a bit pricey but its deffinately a great gift. a good example is Tom Ford for men.

Woody colognes; Just are they are named, these scents are dominated by wood and there are very few fragrances in this category that do not have at least one woody scent. GUCCI Guilty For Men is a great example of a woodt cologne and it is readily available in kenya.

Aromatic colognes; These are usually rich in Benzene a compound found in organic matter. It has a rustic scent and a certain level of freshness with a herbal twist. They are mostly male scents. suffice aromatic colognes being the most generic kind of colognes in kenya there are a few that stand out like YVES SAINT LAURENT.

Fragrances can be expensive so check out some great offers of colognes from Jumia Kenya.


Playstation or Xbox

I know this is a little pricey but if you can afford it or get a great offer why not? There is a saying that says boys don’t grow up the just…grow.

This is so true because guys can spend hours doing the same thing they did as teens as adults. And buying them a play station or Xbox will not eat into your time together, but make him feel like you don’t mind giving him some him time.


Again another gift for men that you cant go wrong with. Shoes make the man (so am told). It builds confidence. If you decide to get him a pair of shoe, it does not need to be the most expensive, look at trending shoes or go for comfortable shoes(that’s what I would do.)

A valentines card

Men are simple creatures with simple wants and needs. Buy a card and create a really heartfelt message in it and he will love you even more.

Football jersey

Getting a football jersey for a team he likes is almost the surest way to make sure he loves his gift. Nearly 70 percent of Kenyan men love sports and in particular football.

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