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Learning how to flirt and compliment a Kenyan woman doesn’t guarantee that you will go home with her or that she will give you her number.

Some men have good looks, outgoing personalities or are just plain lucky when it comes to attracting women. But, for others, it’s hard to open up or are too shy to approach a woman when they are interested.

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Pick an activity you enjoy 

 Sitting across the table from a woman you like but don’t know may be one of the hardest things for you. Why not choose an activity you’d enjoy like GP carting, visiting the museum or going on a walk in the park.

Choose something that will keep you busy. Taking part in an activity will also give you and your date something to talk about and will reduce the risk of quick boredom.

Pick a short date

 Ever heard the expression, the shorter the better? This is one of the application areas. Being an introvert gets hard especially if you think about having to entertain someone for more than an hour or two.

So, instead of picking out a date that’ll take the whole day, make it short and sweet.

Not too short that your date will think you didn’t want them and not too long that they will be bored of you.

It’ll be far much easier to plan a short date that may extend than to plan a long date and end up disappointing one another and yourself.

Rely on your social friends

 You may be an introvert, but sure to have a couple of extrovert social friends. Take advantage of the social abilities and ask them to help you ‘socialize’ with the woman you have your eyes set on.

However, not all our friends may want to be of service and so, ensure you pick out the ones that will uplift you from your current state of introversion.

Pick a Friday night, go out with them and hang out with them.  Loosen up around a crowd that’ll not judge you.

Practice always makes perfect

 You practice for a job interview, don’t you? Why not do the same when preparing for that nerve-wrecking date? Find a friend who you are comfortable with and practice on them.

Ask them the questions you intend to ask on your time out and even initiate the kind of small talk you’d like to have as a way to warm up.

If you don’t feel confident enough to do it with a friend, try it in front of the mirror every day as the date draws nearer.

By the time you’re going on a date, you’ll find yourself having more confidence than you had before, and this will give you a sense of encouragement while out.

Do not take drastic measures

 Do you want to buy a new outfit or a new pair of shoes for the date? Do it.

However, don’t go beyond your comfort zone. It’s important to realize, that while you want to impress the person you are going to be accompanying on the date if you’re not comfortable, they won’t be pleased either.

Don’t get a new haircut either; it will throw you off. You’ll spend the whole date self-conscious and too focused on yourself and how you look like. It’ll make it seem as if you’re not interested in them.

Go to a familiar venue

 It understandable to have the need to want to impress your date. But, don’t let this need overrun you and drive you into picking a venue that doesn’t meet your levels of comfort.

If it’s the first date, make it simple go to your usual café or a restaurant that you already know. In this way, you’ll be familiar with the menu and the sitting arrangement.

You’ll know the environment and this will allow you to focus on your date.

Pose open-end questions

 Conversation is an undeniable part of a date. If you are entertaining a woman for the first time and the conversation seems to be getting a little dry, ask the questions. Don’t ask “yes” or “no” queries that will quickly kill the small talk.

Ask what her hobbies are, what she likes best about her job.

Doing this will show her that you’re interested in her and she will begin to trust you. But, don’t blurt out the questions all at the same time, it’s not an interrogation.



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