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There is no any exact reason why men cheat in relationships. People say that all men cheat, but that’s not the case sometimes it depends on how you treat them. Men never enter into relationships with the motives of cheating. They also want a long-lasting relationship and love with their loved ones. There are many reasons men have discreet affairs, some are the kind of groups they hang around with, how you treat them or the notion men species must cheat. The tips below will help prevent your man from cheating.

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1. Let him be your Hero

Men always want to feel like heroes to their women. Treat your man appropriately by showing him love and care. “Men cheat because they want more varieties in life” if you can bring all to the table, then why would he still go out there to look for more? Men always want to feel respected and appreciated. If he can’t get all that from you, then he’ll probably go out there looking, not because he no longer loves you is just that you didn’t let him be your hero.

 2. Never have the fear to Try New Things 

Relationships, especially in marriages, becomes annoying with time. Doing the same things every day brings boredom to the relationship. When your partner can predict all your next move, it creates a monotony, that’s why men go out to try and experience some new stuff. To make your man enjoy the relationship, always be open-minded inside the bedroom. Go online find some new tips to bring to the bedroom, try bringing tools, having sex with blindfolds or even initiate sex.

Outside the bedroom be also unpredictable, you can always suggest going out for a hike, going to events together, wine tasting just to speak of some of the multiple ways you could spend special moments together.

 3. Give him space

It is always important to give your man some space to do his things. Let him enjoy some fresh air and pursue his favorite hobbies or hang out with friends. If you suffocate him with your insecurities he’ll probably find someone who can give him the space he needs. If you give him space, you’ll also have your own time to do your things or hang out with your girlfriends.

 4. Stop Nagging your Man

When you get into a relationship you should understand your man is mature and pushing him around won’t work. Always be someone that your man can rely on when his back from all that noise you give him the calm he deserves. If you can provide a conducive environment for your man why would he go out there searching?

 5. Appearance Matters A lot

You should always take care of your body. Having proper hygiene, bathing daily, brushing your teeth twice a day should not be forgotten. When people get into relationships especially marriages, they tend to get comfortable. Most ladies neglect their bodies, and they tend to look awful. Forgetting to put some makeup, buying cute clothes and shoes, going to the gym. If you can’t maintain yourself, then your man will look for someone out there who looks good.

 6. Never accommodate too much

It is good to respect and listen to your man but don’t let him control you. When you start acting dormant in a relationship your man start seeing you as dull. You accept what he does whether good or bad without confronting him. You should always know your worth when his act doesn’t please you talk to him in a mature way he will listen. Men can sometimes cheat since you acting so dumb.

7. Going out for Dates

It always good to schedule aday once a week to go out. Going for dates makes the relationship lively. You can probably go to new restaurant, go meet with other couples and have fun. When going for dates you should probably be looking gorgeous, not a must to have expensive clothes but something stylish.

Finally if all is done and still nothing gets to work. It’s good also to call quits to relationships that don’t seem to work. Never go overboard to please your lover and end up feeling emotionally drained.

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