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Kenyan women are arguably among the most beautiful, intelligent and loving women in the world. However, this is not always the case. When they are on their periods, only their men Kenyan men can handle their changing moods.

For this, Kenyan men have gotten adjusted to Kenyan women quacks and twists. Here are the four ways that  Kenyan women tell their men they are on their periods without saying a word.

She Knows what she wants to eat

Kenyan females have a problem. They never know what to eat. Until they are on their periods when if they don’t eat certain things you are screwed my frien.

She will ask you for something so specific you will wonder what goes on in that pretty little head. “I want nyama choma deeped in Lemon juice na mahindi choma” wait What??

She wants you around but she doesn’t want you to talk or be seen

Sh will call you and ask you to go see her. But the moment you get there she will not want you to talk just shut up and listen to her. How Sharon from work is such a B. YOur proper response can a=only be one here. “Yes, Sharon is the worst!! How did she even get that job.” You don’t have to know Sharon, but this should be your answer all the time.

She is a Grumpy goose

 Everyone in the world knows that when a woman is on her periods she rests right at the edge of her emotions. Poke the bear and she will bite. And boy do Kenyan women bite hard. When a Kenyan woman is on her periods, she is triggered by almost anything. She will complain about the tv, house, neighbor and even the food she herself cooked.

When she does this, she is sending a smoke signal. A signal that in tradition times meant danger and any man who was attentive in history class get the message. The man keeps his distance and ensures everything goes right for her. It’s hard to tell if Kenyan women do this to let us know they are on periods or it’s just a natural reaction.

She sleeps a whole lot

 In Kenya, men like sleeping more than women. They’ll doze off on the couch and try to extend their night to the day as long as possible. Women are contrary, they wake up early in the morning and are active all day. So, when the woman extends her bedtime, the men are weary.

When a Kenyan woman tries to stay in bed longer than her usual time or takes unprecedented naps during the day, shes probably on her periods. Granted, she might just be tired or sick but when the trend is somewhere along the same dates. The man gets in line and ensures she’s kept happy and knows the time for ‘dancing with no pants’ is pushed for a few days.

Stomach Ache

 Again, this might be an actual illness and it not every time the man should assume she’s on her periods. However, this is another classic way that Kenyan women tell their men that they are on their periods.

She will constantly talk about how her stomach is badly aching. And at times boldly say that the pain is just below the stomach. If you know a Kenyan woman you’ll know what she means and if you a sucker you are going to keep suggesting all sorts of painkillers for her “stomach”.

Swallowing down a thousand painkillers

 In this day and age, people are taking all sorts of drugs “even legal”, from antidepressants to painkillers. Depending on your woman, you know if she takes drugs and how many she takes.

When she’s taking more, and specifically painkillers, she’s having her periods. Some of these painkillers are mainly for the back, stomach and sometimes they just say the whole body. Whether this is just a way to end a message or genuinely hurting, only our Kenyan women can tell us.

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