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Depression is a mental illness that easily affects anyone from men to children. 

It is a problem that arises from events that traumatize the brain and cause you to think negatively about aspects of yourself and your life. It can also be caused when you feel sad, anxious, stressed or tired for a long period of time without feeling elated or happy in any way.

 Depression can happen at any age, but most cases are recorded in adulthood. In some cases, medication that is taken for a physical illness can cause side effects like depression too.

  1. 1 Low level of concentration

    According to Kenyan news, When you’re depressed, negative thoughts run through the mind at a very high rate. Focusing on all the bad things that life has thrown at you when you're in a state of depression is unhealthy for a working professional. 

    You'll find yourself underperforming at work, and your attention span will recede. This will also affect your social life and if you're a married man, your wife will begin to say that you're neglecting her and your children. 

    In the end, the relationships you spent your whole life building will fall apart, and you will be left alone.  

  2. 2 Aggression

    When you notice something the depression catching on, there’ll be a need to compensate for that by showing you're still active and capable.

     In other cases, you will exhibit aggressive behavior like wanting to engage in fights with other men. Irritability goes together with aggression and anger. 

    Sometimes you’ll be cranky and notice flaws in the slightest things.  You may also find yourself thinking about beating the person or thing that is making you feel aggressive

  3. 3 Alcohol or drug abuse.

    . If you suffer from depression, you may look towards alcoholism and use of drugs to elevate your pain. The feeling of euphoria and highness supposedly takes away the pain of depression. It is wrong to believe that taking drugs will cure sadness. 

    Alcohol is actually a depressant and turning into this habit will cause more depression. 

    Addiction is likely to develop, and hard drugs affect more than just your mental state. It causes health problems too

  4. 4 Fatigue

    If you are someone with depression you often find yourself uninterested in doing any activity and always very tired. Excess fatigue may be due to insomnia or sleep apnea because these disorders prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

    A disruption in the normal sleep cycle will make you become anti-social and unable to perform daily tasks such as taking out the trash. It will also affect your work place performance; however, all these symptoms of fatigue are more likely to trigger depression.

  5. 5 Indecisiveness

    . When you have depression, making decisions even those as small as what time to wake up may weigh on you. 

    The ability you have to make decisions is boosted by motivation to make decisions and when you suffer from depression, motivation levels are lower than usual.

  6. 6 Changes in sleeping pattern

     Depression causes change in moods and energy levels and this makes it hard to go to work, exercise or even keep up with peers. 

    Once this happens, you will isolate yourself and this will cause you to develop a feeling of loneliness thus cultivating your depression. 

    Other times, you will find yourself oversleeping, this can be a way for you to cope with the negative thoughts since while you are asleep and this tends to give a false sense of awareness. 

    Additionally, oversleeping can be as a result of the changes in energy levels in the body.

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