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Kenya News: Most Underrated Celebs in Kenya

There is a lot of great talent in our country Kenya and in most cases, there seems to be a group of these people that are out of the public eye yet still, they manage to garner a steady fanbase of their own. 

From Kenyan music to Kenya entertainment and more, here are some of the most underrated celebs in Kenya. 

  1. 1 Petra Bockle

    Thanks to Khaligrph Johns the once forgotten Petra has shown that she is arguably the most complete female rapper on the scene. This female kenyan musician can switch from a fast flow to reggae in seconds almost flawlessly. Expect big things from this kenyan entertainer in 2019.

  2. 2 Rekles

    SWAT from Ethic isthe most hyped member of this kenyan music group but Rekles is the cog that makes the group work so well.

    Rekles from The ethic kenyan group the makers of "lamba lolo" may possibly be one of the most underrated celebs in Kenya at this time. 

    Rekles  is the guy who sings Ethic's catchy choruses that make the songs hit.

    He is part of the famous Kenyan music group that managed to create and produce one of the biggest songs in the country at this time"lamba lolo". 

    He is a simple guy who seems to have much more to offer than most would ever think. From the interviews we have seen he always has his hat low that we barely see his face and also in the videos.

     The next time you hear the song, don't just go with the hype, listen to his words.

  3. 3 Stacey Pendo

    This female Kenyan celeb, You may know this classic beauty from the famous Kenyan reality show, Nairobi Diaries. She has displayed a character that is strong and ready to protect, but despite all this, Pendo carries with her a great gift, her voice.

    She has a couple of songs that you may find on Youtube and she is great with those vocals. She is a certified celeb in Kenya.

  4. 4 Naiboi

    Nai Boy has been one of the most ambitious celebs kenya has seen in the industry.

    After making the hit sonh "2 in One" Nai Boy seems to have cemented himself as one of the elite in the entrtainment scene in Kenya. 

    He has made hit after hit and just recently while also featuring a vast majority of Kenyan entertainers in his song 2in 1 which was popular in the lst few months.

    The Kenya enertainment scene might be hard to get through, but this guy is proving how possible it is.

  5. 5 Binti Afrika

    This is for all you reggae lovers.

    Binti Afrika is another female kenyan celeb and one of most highly talented individuals in the Kenyan entertainment scene with experience that stems beyond our country.

    Binti Afrika is a former top model come singer and songwriter, Binti is a woman who has the greatest potential to completely change how people view women in the Kenyan reggae industry.

    If you didn't know her, you've been having your head in the sand.

    She's been actively taking over the Kenyan music scene and creating a buzz.

  6. 6 Noti Flow

    Yet another Female Kenyan celeb who many forgeet, Noti Flow is a woman determined to navigate herself in her own lane. 

    She is a rapper, singer and songwriter with ambition and an attitude to match. She has been at the center of the "gay" music saga when Ezekiel Mutua claimed that her music was a show for the LGBTQ+ community, something that is not condoned in Kenya. 

    She's been able to rise above all this and is now carrying her head high in the rap industry even having released an album this year.

  7. 7 Tracy Wanjiru

    Tracy Wanjiru joined the Kenya entertainment scene in 2015 and for a number of years she managed to dominate Kenyan screens as the host of the very popular TV show, Teen Republik alongside Martin Kimani. 

    She was even able to host the famous Wizkid and Timaya show that took place in Nairobi.

  8. 8 Bahati Kenya

    Joining the lists of underrated individuals is this young and energetic guy Bahati.

    A lot of you may know him as the gospel hitmaker and some of you don't know much about him after this.

    However, this should be known, Bahati is a sucessful business man who is married and has a child with Diana Marua. Aside from this, he was able to buy his first house under the age of 25.

    He is now a certified celeb in Kenya dominating the kenya entertainment scene in the Gospel industry.

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