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Most Controversial Kenyan TV shows

Television shows provide a platform for entertainment and enjoyment. In Kenya you will most controversial TV show that are followed religiously by most people. Here come the list of the best shows in Kenya that you can’t afford to miss any episode:

  1. 1 Perfect Match

    Perfect match is a TV show on Ebru TV in Kenya that bring souls mates together. Two strangers are brought together on a blind date and that’s when they find their perfect match. Some blind dates sometimes go wrong making the scene even more enjoyable. For instance there was this slay queen who was kicked out of the show by her date. The blind date was surely blind for her, she thought the guy was unattractive and decided to throw a diss. 

    Judy and Aleky were paired together on the show, Judy decided to start the show by savagely asking questions. “Are you a thief or something? You look like a thief or a gangster. You look like one. “Judy told him “I heard you are an f*guy”. Judy did not stop she still went  on to diss his looks which was obviously not up to her standards of tall, dark and handsome.

    “Next time kama utakuwa umejenga tunaeza ongea but saa hii and some more things...zii.”

    Aleki got offended that he ended up chasing his partner out of the date comparing her character with that of Amber Rose an American socialite, he said “Chukua food yako na upace. Ama Mimi nijitoe? Get going. Aleki responded to her ending in the weirdest way.

    According to the Ebru-TV perfect match as a guy when going on a date with a slay queen there are key points to put in mind.

    Slay queens don’t eat fries 

    Don’t go around ordering chipo for a slay queen, thinking it will impress her. 

    Bring your confidence with you or just don’t come

    Nothing offends a slay queen like a guy whose confidence is out of the window.

    You are going for a date not market

    If you go for a date with a slay queen looking like your grandpa, my dear friend, you will get a diss. Wear a suit if possible to look loaded. 

    Any slay queen needs assurance

    What can you offer? Or you just a boredom buddy

    If you not good Looking come prepared with a good speech - slay queen fast judge a guy by their looks. “Mistari” as they call it can save the date.

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  2. 2 The Big Question

    When it comes to being the most controversial show the big question of Citizen TV still takes the lead. The Big Question deals with political matter where TV presenter Hussein Mohammed interviews prominent figures of various controversial issues. 

    The Big Question is controversial since the topic at hand lead to disagreement of the people. You will find arguing during the interview where critical questions are asked and sometimes the person been interviewed comes up with a twisted answer.

  3. 3 The Trend Show

    The trend is a show that deals with interviews of celebs from different countries including Kenya and also critic’s views. Formerly the show was hosted by Larry Madowo but in Late 2017, Amina Abdi took over the position. The trend is entertaining and controversial as public opinion comes in hand. You will find people commenting on the issue at hand or contributing to the topic.

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