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    A man posted an ad on Craigslist stating that if you wanted to work as a road constructor that paid $25 an hour,you  should show up in front of Bank of America. The ad said that anyone interested should wear welding glasses a helmet and a yellow safety vest. More than a dozen people showed up in front of the bank of America.

    The man walked right past these men wearing the precisely same thing went and robbed a cargo van carrying money and joined the crowd of job seekers who had dressed exactly like him. Before the police could figure out who the perpetrator was, he was long gone.

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    A group of G4S and police officers made way with almost 30 million shillings as they transported it. They abandoned the van and dispersed. Some of the money was recovered, but it was still one of the most daring robberies in Kenya. 

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    A group of people rented a restaurant. This restaurant was located on the first floor above a bank that was established on the second floor. The team closed down the restaurant and even bought new furniture stating that they were renovating the restaurant in readiness for a grand re-opening.
    The group then proceeded to drill the roof of their restaurant right into the banks safe and got away with over 80 bars of gold. The next day was a holiday, so the thieves were already long gone by the next working day. They were eventually caught after police intercepted a call among the thieves.

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    A blind man had been  imprisoned for a petty crime. While in prison, he over had other inmates saying that bank tellers were instructed to give out any amount a robber asked and not endanger their lives or others. So when he was released, he visited a bank and because he couldn’t even tell where the teller window was he followed an old woman and mimicked her footsteps.

    At the window, he passed a playing card written to the teller, he had written, “Be quick, be quiet or your dead. Put all the money in the bag. I have a gun.” The teller complied. Since he was blind asked the teller to walk him out of the front door.

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    In the 80s ,a man walked casually in the streets talking to children in typical Santa hype fashion. He walked into a bank and made his jolly way to the counter throwing a few “wow! Wow! Wow! Merry Christmas!” along the way.
    At the counter, he completely changed persona pulling out a gun and instructing the teller to put all the money in his red Santa sack. During this period, a little girl from outside the bank saw Santa and rushed to the bank to say hello. The man took the girl hostage and started the longest car chase in Texas history. He was apprehended  after three days , and the girl was unharmed. However, upon his arres,t a mob was so angry that they broke into the police station he was  being held and killed him.

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    After Saddam suspected that the US was about to bomb his country, he decided to safeguard the money in the safest place in the country, his palace. He instructed the son to go to the central bank at four o’clock in the morning and load all the money in the form of Euros and Dollars onto flatbed lorries, the kind we see carry sand or cement. 

    The Lorries were filled with $900 million and 100 million Euros.  Some cash was found inside his palace later on, but most of it was never recovered.

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    Cooper is probably the calmest robber in history. He boarded a plane and passed a note to the flight attendants telling them that he was a robber and demanded $200,000 and a parachute. Once his demands were met, he asked the pilot to take off. Once in the air, he paid his bar tab and jumped off the plane. He has never been found.

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    In 2003 a man called Brian Wells walked into a bank and passed a note to the teller stating that if he were not given $25,000, he would set off a bomb strapped to his chest. The teller gave him $8000, and he walked out. He was apprehended by police 15 minutes later and warned the police that the bomb would go off. It did! Killing him instantly.

    It was later revealed that Wells was actually a hostage and that his captives had told him to rob banks and each time he delivered the money to them they would give him part of the code to diffuse the bomb.

    On studying the bomb, the police discovered that the bomb was not based on a diffusing code but a remote detonator and that the criminals had no intention of letting the man go. Talk about giving a man false hope, Cruel and devious.

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