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Every parent in Kenya hopes that one day their child will graduate and get hired but that fancy office job. But the truth is, jobs in Kenya are becoming very difficult to find. 

But the truth is, jobs in Kenya are becoming very difficult to find. More and more graduates have had to find alternative income sources. The major issue with Kenyan businesses is that they aren’t enough to sustain all the graduates. The Kenyan government has moved to make people entrepreneurs rather than job seekers.

I am willing to bet that it is the unemployed graduates who spam our social sites with the “do you want to earn between 5000 and 15000 online” messages.

The problem is Kenyan Graduates only look for the flashy jobs and would rather work in an office that gives them a miserly pay than work at a nonformal job that pays better.

But they do have reasons for this. Office jobs have more security. You know at the end of the month you will have an ‘X’ amount to take home. Another reason is that In Kenya it is easier to take a loan if you are employed in the formal sector due to your payslip. Also, there is the prestige of telling your peers of the big company you work in.

On the other hand, you can make a successful business in Kenya in the informal sector with very little startup. You are also your boss and you can develop your business any way you please.


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    After visiting my local chapo maker and befriending her she was able to tell me how many chapatis she makes in a day.

    She explained that she is not able to meet the demand even though she makes over 150 chapatis daily. She wakes up early every morning and makes chapattis and madazis for people who are going for work which she says is about 30 chapatis and 70 mandazis.
    At lunchtime, this Kenyan entrepreneur makes another 50 chapatis and in the evening another 50.

    If you visit her kibanda at 7.30 in the evening her food is usually over. By that math and selling each chapatti at 15 shillings each , this lady is able to make around 2,250 every day. She also mentioned that from the mandazi she makes, she is able to buy her ingredients without touching her chapati profits i.e. the 70 mandazis sold at 10 shillings each…700 shs.

  2. admin

    Being a butcher is considered as one of the dirtiest and bloodiest jobs in Kenya. However, the profits are quite remarkable. 

    Take that butcheries buy meat in bulk and sell it to customers at around 500 shs. per kilo. By selling only 10kg a day, a butcher in Nairobi is able to make 5000 shillings a day. 10 kg is quite a small amount, especially in a prime area. 

    Some butcheries sell a lot more, but for argument's sake let us assume the butcher sales only 10 kg. Try and observe butcheries in your neighbourhood in the morning as you go to your office job. You will see a beef thigh daggling on the hook.

     Pass there the next morning and you will probably see the beef thigh much smaller. On average a cow would weigh around 500kg, especially the small Maasai cows we eat in Kenya. A bull grown for beef would weigh up to 1200kgs. But for practicality sake, a Maasai beef carcass would weigh 400kg after removing the hide and intestines. Therefore the thigh would weigh around 80 to 100 kgs.  Do the math.

  3. admin

    Boda-boda operators are quite a number in Kenya. But ask yourself why so many would vai for the work in Kenya if the business is not profitable. On average a boda-boda ride over a short distance would cost 50 to 100 shs. By talking to one of my boda-boda people he explained that he would do over 20 trips in a day.

    On average a boda-boda operator would make over 2000 shillings…atleast in a day. A motorbike would probably consume petrol in the equivalence to 500 shs. for all these trips giving you a net profit of 1500 shillings every day.

  4. admin

    Grocery shops are another very profitable venture, especially around the estate. Don’t believe me? Next time you want some change just go to a mama mboga. From her apron pouch, she will pull out a roll of notes that would make even the wealthy businessman jealous.

    If you are a farmer you do understand that when you go sell your products at the market at wholesale. These women will buy your entire product and in cash.

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  5. admin

    Well, your alcoholic cravings are making someone very wealthy; the smokie guy that you don’t think twice about giving your 25 shillings is latterly minting money. 

    To back up my claim, Farmer's Choice noticed the potential in the smokie business and literally allocated a whole sector to producing this meaty delights. Although the raw ingredients may surprise you as shown in this article smokies are quite a tasty delight. 

    A packet of smokies would probably have around 24 smokies multiply this with 25; you would make around 600 shillings from every packet. A tray of eggs has 24 eggs and multiply this by 20 you make another 480 shillings.

    Odds are they sell more than just on a pack of smokie or a crate of eggs daily. Just look at how many smokies and eggs they have in their cart.

  6. admin

    We earlier did an article on Kibanda food and explained why it is better than cosine food. But it might also be more profitable. At a good location mama kibanda would sale food worth between 50 to 100 shillings to all her clients.
    Assuming that she gets at least 50 clients every day she would make 2500 shs. quite easily…at least.

     Clearly, there are many ways to make money in Kenya. But remember all these situations are theoretical scenarios. You could make much more or less depending on your location ambition and hours you work. Therefore you have to make sure you do proper research first.

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