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Building muscles has a lot more to it than just going to the gym and lifting. If you have never been to the gym, you may find some of the tips below beneficial.    

  1. 1 Research what works for you

    Building muscle requires some significant form of regular exercise. Before you begin your journey at the gym, do your research thoroughly. Review what others before you have done, but don't copy what they do because we're not the same. Do your research carefully and ensure you pick out exercises that are fit for your level of capability. Since you're just beginning, starting small and gradually building up will help you go a long way in building your muscles.

  2. 2 Do not set expectations too high

    . As a beginner, set smaller goals for yourself. Do not force yourself to lift a set of 100-pound weights and you haven’t ever raised any weight in your life before now. Don’t strain yourself and force a target that will ultimately make you suffer as you work your way into it. A journey of a thousand miles starts in a single step, and your single step may be the dumbbells at home. Also, muscle takes time to build; there is no guarantee that the more weights you do will build muscle faster.

  3. 3 Make it regular

    If working out is just a hobby that you’re doing to keep yourself busy and gain some few extra pounds, its high time you begin to take it more seriously. Just like you wake up every day at the same time, to do the same thing as you prepare for work, do it with regards to going to the gym and making hitting the weights. Don't do it three times a week and expect to see much change after six months. Don’t forget to incorporate resting days in your work outs. As much as it’s important to regularly do the lifting, it is also very important that your muscles have time to recover.  

  4. 4 Put yourself up to the challenge

    If you're a beginner lifter, start small and challenge yourself to go bigger. If you have been doing the dumbbells at home for the last three months and you feel like you're ready to start with the 5-pound weights, don't allow that small voice in your head to get to you and crush your confidence. Go to the gym and do it. You may end up getting sore and tired, but at least you will have one less challenge on the table to deal with as you continue with your journey to building muscle.

  5. 5 Plan a nutritional range

    . A diet target of how many carbohydrates and proteins you'll have to take each day alongside your gym sessions. The counts of these foods must match the idea of whether you want to lose more or gain more. These targets may seem awkward at first, depending on your daily routine for work, the food you stock up in the fridge; in most cases, it's less. But do not exaggerate these numbers for the sake of having the muscle you want. Work with something you're comfortable with and work your way up when you can work it into your routine.

  6. 6 Lift compound weights

    The reality of lifting weights is this; some lifts are better than others. If you want to gain the muscle and build your body well, compound lifts are best for you. Compound lifting is doing all round exercises that work out the muscle groups at the same time. Once you’ve carved a shaped in your muscles, you can start focusing on biceps, calves and so on. Compound lifts best increase overall body strength.

  7. 7 Prep your meals

    . Preparing the meals beforehand is a great way to save up on time. There are many ways in which you can store the food you prep in bulk. In addition to this, pre-planning the meals also encourages you to follow your nutritional range and building diet more thoroughly. Another advantage of this, you'll never be stuck without a meal, and you'll not be tempted to go and buy any fast food at the nearest food center.

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