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Being a member of the royal family comes with tremendous excitement, but one is obliged to follow strict rules and forbidden to do many things. Meghan Mackle now will go by the beautiful name Duchess of Sussex. 

Despite being given the most lavish lifestyle in the Royal family, she will have to go by the rules. By tying the knot with Prince Harry her life will be changed forever. The following are the rules she will have to follow.

No Royal Family member should own a Social Media Account

As a member of the royal family, you are forbidden to hold a social media account. Megan Markle has been a prominent person on social media; she had a large following on Instagram. Her social following increased. 

When she started dating Prince Harry. She even had a fashion blog named “The Tig”.  She now said goodbye to Instagram, Tig and others. She told her followers it was time to move on. Royal family’s social accounts are managed by social media managers.

Meghan Mackle won’t be able to participate in politics.

Previously when Meghan mackle had the social accounts, she used to update her political views. During the US elections, she shared her support for Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. The members of the Royal family are strictly forbidden to express their opinions on political matters publicly. 

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The Royal family political opinions are channelled to charity work. The Queen especially must be neutral of political issues; this includes Voting. Meghan Mackle won’t be voting or participating in politic anymore.

She will not pursue her career anymore

Meghan mackle was an established blogger, model and actress. Being a member of the royal family, you have to stay committed to the Royal pursuits, and not staying employed. Megan mackle will have to give up her entire career to abide by the rules of the royal family. She already deleted the Tig blog. 

The issue of time for the royal family is very significant; many think a royal family member you have to sit and drink. It is not always the case, there is a very tight schedule, and acting. The brother in law of Prince Harry had to quit a piloting job to pursue royal  work, despite him loving his job. 

Travelling would become a Complicated Process

Meghan mackle is known for her love for travelling. Being a member of a loyal family, she will have to go through a detailed process. Flying in a Royal family is an extremely complicated process. 

She will not be able to travel with her friends, anyway like she used to do, because of security issues. They take six months to plan for the travel, security and planning.

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Royal families carry their drinks

Royal families carry their drinks to make sure they are not spiked. Many people things this culture is a bit old-fashioned. Their bodyguard is the one who carries the royal families’ favourite drinks around. Meghan will now have to stick to that rule.

She will have a lot of Security

In a royal family, security is a must, anywhere Meghan will go her security will be very tight. When dating Harry, she had already been under tight security in her life. She will now be protected from the crowd, with the strict security protocol. 

Specific seat for everyone at Dinner

Meghan used to eat in different places at her own time when she feels like. Now her life will drastically change as no one is allowed to eat after the queen is done. A palace steward stays beside the queen until she completes her food after the queen finishes eating the table is immediately cleared. 

Sitting position in during dinner is arranged, so everyone sits in a specific place. The legacy of a loyal family having the best dishes is recognised. She will have to sit in a “Duchess slant”, her knees and ankles slanted together to one side. Dropping shuttering a bowl or roping a fork during dinner is forbidden. Eating together with the royal family is a very stressful experience.

Decent dress cord and a bunch of Hats and Tiara’s

By being a member of the royal family, Meghan Markle will have to dress modestly. In every occasion, she will have to wear official with a hat on her head. When the event is over, at 6 pm sharp all the caps are required to be removed.

 A hat can be replaced with a magnificent tiara after 6 pm. Meghan Markle will now have to adjust to the transition. Showing off your cleavage is also forbidden.

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