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Emails are an essential part of most people’s lives; they are an integral part of communication which has become a crucial part of many businesses since the 90s. But with Gmail being the primary email provider, more people have started thinking that the Google product are too rigid. With no inbuilt features to make your email interaction more user-friendly the company is starting to lose its market.
Luckily, some Email apps have come up that has changed the whole concept of email.

Best Email Apps

1. Boomerang for iPhone

Boomerang is a personal assistant that can be integrated with both Gmail and Outlook. It is built with voice recognition software that allows you to interact with your emails without necessarily touching your phone.

Boomerang allowed you to schedule meetings and postponed them straight from the voice command software. This email app seems to be tailored to business people as it has a “brief me” feature that pretty much works like a secretary. It even estimates how long the emails you have received will take to answer so that you can plan your day better.
Many people have complained that this email app is not well integrated with both Gmail and Outlook. For example, Gmail has categories like social and promotion, tabs that many people barely open.

Boomerang is not able to deduce this and instead will count all these messages meaning you still have to go manually and look at the messages you want to read.

The voice module cannot recognize different spellings of the same name. So if you ask the app to source all emails sent by Alvin and in his email address he uses Alvyin, the app will not be able to source the emails.

2. Polymail

This is one of the best email apps that help you manage your inbox at the moment. It has a simple yet elegant design. Its simplicity makes it easy to use and enables you to coordinate your daily routine. One of the features that make this email app, so simple to use is the swiping feature that allows you to save or delete the email depending on what direction you swipe.

How many times have you scrolled up your email thread with someone to find a word document they sent you? One of my favorite features on Polymail is that when you view an email, it displays your previous interactions with the recipient, including documents, images, and even videos.

With this email app, you can schedule to read or send an email. I often find myself procrastinating to read emails. The email might just come at a wrong time, and you open it, read it half way and realize you should read it later. The problem is once you open an email you often don’t revisit it, and you forget. This app will help you schedule on when you want to finish reading the message.

The only problem I have seen with this app is it can be a little buggy and lag sometimes.

3. Inbox Creature

Inbox creature was created to cheer you up and keep you more interacted with your emails. You sign up, name your pet, and it is delivered to your inbox. You feed your creature emails and it grows over the three days you have it. It literally does not do much, but helps you have more fun by being your little email Pokémon.
The interactions with the Inbox Creature are minimal. At the moment you can only feed the creature. Many people were hoping you could change how it dresses, communicate with it more and do a lot of other things with it.

4. Asana

More and more people are working online today with many companies preferring virtual offices than an actual office space. It is cheaper and convenient for many. The problem is with a virtual office; coordination is difficult.
Sure, there are many virtual assistants out there, but Asana helps you use your mail to coordinate and assign tasks, making it one of the best email apps for virtual offices.

Many companies already use email as their primary way to communicate. But the long strings of emails can lead to confusion or a team member forgetting what they were supposed to do. Asana Helps you assign tasks to each team member and state the deadline for the assignment.
The mobile app still has a few bugs.

5. Flow-E

As Humans, we are very virtual and practical beings. You will notice that many times you write something down, you will be more likely not to forget it rather than when you are memorizing it.
Flow-E tries to engage with you better by using the “Trello” concept through email.  Trello is a task and the team managing system that relies on a drag and drop model to allocate assignments and functions. With, Flow-E you can just drag and drop your emails helping you separates the read and the unread fast. You can also assign tasks straight from the app. What makes this one of the best email apps is that whatever changes you make in the Flow-E app, is also reflected in your email.

6. Hunter

Finding a business email address can be a complicated process, especially for a startup with no connections. Hunter allows you to find the email address of the company you want to connect with or associate with. What makes this one of the best email apps is that it has over 200 million company email addresses indexed, meaning the odds of you finding the contact of the company you want are really high. With more company contacts being indexed every day, the odds just keep getting better.

Sometimes a company may change its contact info, and thus may not reflect on the Hunter’s database. This means when you send an email to the supposed company they will not receive it.
Another problem is the possibility of sales and market teams abusing this feature by spamming. A company may decide to random email companies in Hunter’s database with the hopes of landing any company.


This is a company that allows you to earn by sending and receiving email and also doing other tasks. They pay you in the form of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in specific.

Bitcoin was first created in 2009 when one Bitcoin was worth $0.25. But today one Bitcoin is worth $8000. At the moment only 16 million Bitcoins are in circulation with more being created daily until they get to the maximum amount of 21 million. The most popular method of releasing new Bitcoin to the masses is by a process called Mining. But other methods can also be used to release new Bitcoins and being rewarded for doing tasks like is one of them. has upgraded recently, and you can now bounce emails that are not in your contact back to the sender until they pay you for mailing you.

This will reduce the number of spammers and also allow you to earn more. Another feature recently added and has made it one of the best email apps around is that you can pay to get replies from people. Many companies keep their email address a secret, but you can now pay these companies to mail you and in essence, get their email address.

Many fear that monetizing every aspect of emailing may lead to cold emailing not being as effective as it currently is.

8. Shift 2.0

Shift’s primary goal is the unification of all your Google apps, extensions, drive and pretty much everything associated with your Google account. With the application, once you log into Gmail, you have essentially logged into every Google associated app.
You can use Shift to search across all your Google associated accounts; therefore you can search for something on your Google drive, Google pictures, and Gmail at the same time. It helps you save time and many login procedures.


May have some security risk with their “one password to open them all” concept.

9. Trumail

Trumail is perhaps the most straightforward tool in this list and the reason why it is one of the best email tools. The tool is used to verify if an email is correct and/or valid hence help in reducing the bounce-back rate of your emails.

It has a few bugs as sometimes it will say that an email is invalid and in actual sense the email address is valid.


Social media is becoming almost as important as email, if not more important in business. Businesses have testified to drum up more business using social media than even emailing sometimes. But this does not mean you get to abandon the old marketing way, all it means is you get to evolve your marketing style to accommodate both social media and email.

This is where Deskun comes in. You can use this tool to manage all your social media accounts straight from your email.
Sometimes running multiple social media accounts can get overwhelming as they are quite a number. Deskun ensures you spot all these accounts in your mail which is a centralized hub that you can manage comfortably. This email app allows you to schedule, reply and even have live chats with your clients.

The email app has registered very few bugs and had very few complaints. It is often updated and gets better each time.

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