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Have you dreamed of working from home? Would you like an online job? Perhaps you could earn more and have a more relaxed lifestyle.

New online job opportunities are opening up for Kenyans every day. But, to be successful in the field of virtual work, not only will you need online skills but also the right temperament.

Take our short quiz and learn whether you're a good fit for online work.

Bonus: At the end of the quiz, you'll receive a free Work from Home Checklist to jumpstart your online career.

  1. 1 Are you a self-learner?

    1. Yes, I love learning new ideas and discovering new things on my own.
    2. No, I am afraid to make mistakes and want someone to give me directions to avoid possible mistakes
    3. I see learning on my own as a challenge, but I'm always up for a challenge and makes me feel proud when I learn to fix things on my own.
  2. 2 Are you a reliable person?

    1. I constantly need reminders from my clients
    2. Yes, most of the time. I am committed to the tasks given to me but sometimes will need some reminders.
    3. Yes, I am always on time, and consistently gets my tasks done before the deadline without reminders from my boss/clients.
  3. 3 Are you a good communicator?

    1. Yes, I can communicate well both written and oral English. I carefully listen to instruction, ask questions and like sharing updates about my work.
    2. Yes, I can communicate well both written and oral English, I am responsive although I can be shy at the beginning.
    3. No, I find it hard to communicate my thoughts in English.
  4. 4 Are you an organised person?

    1. I am messy most of the time and find it hard to organise things.
    2. Yes, I like to plan and put everything in order.
    3. Yes, I am organised but can be messy at times, too.
  5. 5 Are you resourceful?

    1. I don't know everything, but I know where and how to find some good source of information and helpful resources to solve problems.
    2. Yes, I'm the go-to person for information.
    3. I find answers and solutions from someone who's more resourceful than me.
  6. 6 Do you have a good time management skill?

    1. Yes, I follow a daily routine but my time is flexible and can accomplish my goals for the day without a problem.
    2. No, I am still struggling with time management and I am working on that.
    3. Yes, I manage my time pretty well. I have a daily schedule and stick to it.
  7. 7 Can you work without supervision?

    1. Yes, as long as the instructions are clear, I can handle and take care of the tasks without supervision.
    2. I am not confident working without supervision.
    3. Yes, but may need guidance from time to time to make sure I'm doing the right thing.
  8. 8 Do you have a kind and friendly personality?

    1. Yes, I always stay positive no matter how the client acts.
    2. Yes, by nature, I am kind and friendly.
    3. No, I am working on that.
  9. 9 Are you a flexible worker?

    1. No, I stick to what I want and what I know and changing directions usually puzzles me.
    2. Yes, I can easily adapt to changes in my working environment.
    3. Yes, I understand that change is constant and I enjoy change and variations.
  10. 10 Do you have work integrity?

    1. Yes, I am honest, decent and virtuous. I value my work and relationships with my coworkers and customers.
    2. There were instances in my life when my integrity was compromised but I'm working on it.
    3. Yes, I have strong moral principles and convictions that I always follow. I am true to myself and would do nothing that would dishonor myself or my work.

Test Yourself: Does your personality suit online work?

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  1. Quiz result

    24 - 30 points = YES!

     You have the stellar qualities that online employers would love to work with. You’d make a good online worker. Working online is the career for you.

    More and more Kenyans are grabbing opportunities to work online. Don’t miss this. Kickstart your online career, too! 

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  2. Quiz result

    15 - 23 = YES!

    You would make you a very promising online worker. Experience and training will hone you and make you a better online worker. Keep on learning!

    More and more Kenyans are grabbing opportunities to work online. Don’t miss this. Kickstart your online career, too! 

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  3. Quiz result

    10 - 14 = No.

     You are not suitable to work online. Online tasks, processes and work relationship will be very challenging for you and may cause frustrations for both you and your employer. However, like anything you can learn and grow.

    More and more Kenyans are grabbing opportunities to work online. Don’t miss this. Kickstart your online career, too! 

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