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One of the biggest question people all over the world ask themselves is why marijuana or bhangi is a banned substance, and why people still go to jail for using and selling a plant that grows naturally.

One of the most popular beliefs is that the use and sale of marijuana are frowned upon because, over the years, scientific research has proved that the drug is more harmful than say, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Many people even claim that the use of bhangi in Kenya often leads to people losing their minds, but there is no scientific basis for this.

Don’t get me wrong I and we as are not advocating for drug use we are simply pointing out to why it is banned in the first place.

Why is Bhangi illegal in Kenya

In the US Marijuana is categorized as a Level A drug in the same category as Heroine. While cocaine drug doctors have all unanimously concluded to be more dangerous than Bhangi is a step down in level B.

Before we look at why marijuana is illegal in Kenya we need to understand why it is illegal in US and Britain in specific. According to British Journalist and author Johann Hari, the reason why the United States banned marijuana in the 1930s was petty, to say the least.

In 1929, a guy by the name Harry Anslinger was put in charge of the Department of Prohibition in Washington, DC. Back then, the department was in charge of overseeing that a ban on alcohol was adhered to.

However, alcohol prohibition had proved to be totally ineffective. Gangs and mobs had taken over the illicit trade in alcohol. Due to this, alcohol was becoming more and more poisonous to consume.

As a result of this fact, the prohibitions on the sale and use of alcohol were lifted. Mr. Kissinger was left with a huge and powerful department with no set agenda.

Up until the ban on alcohol was scraped, Kissinger had stated his belief that cannabis was harmless. He had explained that it did not harm people, stating that “there is no more absurd fallacy” than the claims that marijuana turns users violent.

But now faced with the prospect of a redundant enforcement agency, he changed his mind. He sent a message to the public that if someone smokes cannabis, they will first fall into a “delirious rage”. Then they will experience dreams of an erotic nature, lose the power of connective thought before finally becoming insane.

He even wrote to 30 scientists asking them to verify his claims. 29 of them replied with a resounding NO. Anslinger picked the remaining scientist who agreed with his absurd claims and presented him to the public.

Pressured by the panic that gripped the public, the United States government banned marijuana. The US also pressured other governments to do so. When Mexico called their bluff, Washington cut off their supply of all legal painkillers to the Mexicans. When its people started to die in agony, Mexico finally relented.

The lobby on Hemp by the Paper Industry

Another popular theory was that Harry Anslinger has a significant stake in the paper industry. Many of you may not know but the bhangi plant is one of the best sources of paper. For one it is easy to process and does not need to be bleached to achieve the white color at all. In other words, Using the Marijuana plant to make paper would have greatly depreciated the value of the paper industry.

By making the bhangi plant illegal, Harry Anslinger was able to cub the competition before it began

President Nixon and his war against the black man

You have to understand that the human brain works in a mysterious way. In politics mislead is the game and if you think Kenyan politicians built the game, you are mistaken. President Nixon of the US was brilliant as making his people react to an agenda and manipulate them to his will.

This is evident to such a great extent on his war against the black man. He clearly did not like black people and he did not like bhangi as well. So what did he do? he mad people fear weed by associating it to crime and black people.

One of Nixon’s most famous advisors, John Ehrlichman, was interviewed by CNN and he left the world speechless with his revelation.

“You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities,” Ehrlichman said. “We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course, we did.”

So why is Bhangi illegal in Kenya, Really?

The truth Cannabis (“bhang”) was banned in Kenya during the British colonial East Africa Protectorate under the Opium Ordinance, effective 1 January 1914. This was way before we got our independence or governed ourself. Marijuana ban in Kenya was enforced by the British colony.

If you as any politician why it was banned odds are they do not know.

To this day, many countries in the world still have an effective ban on marijuana, thanks to a man who couldn’t be bothered to listen to accomplished scientists.

In fact, scientific evidence shows marijuana is safer than cigarettes and alcohol. In the United States alone, alcohol kills over 40,000 people a year. Marijuana does not kill anyone.

You be the judge.



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