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Kenyans are known to be in love with drinking and have been christened “A drinking nation “by most media houses and newspapers. You may have noticed two or three guys at some trench when you pass- by to your estate.Well, the type of alcohol they have consumed is agitating.

The following is a list of the most popular liquors in Kenya. 

  1. Wilbur Lengs

    Amarula is South African produced liqueur. It is made up of cream, sugar and the Amarula tree which is also known as the elephant tree in the South African dialect. Since the debut of the song Amarula by Roberto Banda, Kenyans are crazily craving for this drink. You are sober, you visit your nearest joint and have some shots and finally work home singing “my name is Amarula.”   The stuff is at work!   A bottle of Amarula retails at Kshs 2,000.

    Cheap Alternative:wild Africa liqueur

    It has a leopard print cloth covering the bottle. It was one of my favorite drinks growing up broke. Great cheap alternative to Amarula. 

  2. Wilbur Lengs

    Johnnie Walker is a famous Scotch whiskey that originates in Scotland. It comes with several variants including red label, white label, black label and Green label among others. It dated back to 1820 and was founded by Johnnie Walker. Each type has a distinct blend and the oldest kind is the most expensive. Forget beer, Nairobi is currently experiencing an increase in the consumption of whiskeys and the Walker family is not left out in this thrust with the Black and red labels most popular. Black label has a reputation of being smooth, but that mostly has a thing to do with its perception because of its price.

    Cheaper alternatives: Royal Challenge

    Royal Challenge comes in a box giving it a  classy feel. But the taste is really surprising as suffice its price it is quite smooth.

  3. Wilbur Lengs

    Jagermeister is probably known for its shot properties than anything else. It tastes like cough syrup and probably why  you can't take much of it. But it is quite popular at parties or when you just want a quick buzz. 

    Cheaper alternatives: Zappa

    You have probably heard the word, Zappa. It is a smooth, flavorful drink that blends well with mixed drinks.  The liquor is ideal for a cocktail. It suits the Kenyan market due to its flexibility regarding the occasion. You can consume this lot during your birthday or probably after closing that excellent business deal. A 750 ml bottle sells at Kshs 1,000 making Zappa red the cheapest liquor on this list.

  4. Wilbur Lengs

    CIROC vodka is one of the few top shelf Vodkas that have grabbed the Kenyan market. They come with a wide range of flavors, but mostly known for its sleek packaging.

    Cheaper alternatives: Pushkin and Flirt Vodka

    The Unflavored Ciroc tastes almost dry as Pushkin Vodka.While for the flavored Ciroc try Flrit vodka and you will not spot the difference. 

  5. Wilbur Lengs

    Jack Daniels is produced at Lynchburg, Tennessee in the United States by the legendary Jack Daniel Distillery. The name is derived from its primary founder Jack Daniels. Kenyans love Jack Daniels. Is it because it has no hang-overs? Or is it because it makes you feel high after a couple of shots? The drink makes your whole body feel like a steam room transforming your physique into a boneless structure. A 750 ml bottle goes for Ksh 3,500.It is expensive but high quality

    Cheap Alternative: Hunter choice

    Hunters is a surprisingly smooth drink with that hard after taste associated with The gentleman Jack. The only difference between these two drinks is the price. 

  6. Wilbur Lengs

    Jameson is an Irish type of whiskey and is dated back to 1780. Its production was formally initiated in 1810 when John Jameson took over the management of the company together with his son who was surprisingly his namesake. You cannot lack the stock of this liquor in most Nairobi clubs and joints. It’s not a challenging drink in general, and it barely leaves a trace of a hang-over.

     The drink is mostly drunk by the middle-class Kenyans, those who have an extra penny to spend. Well, the current price is Kshs 2,500.

    Cheap Alternative: WIliam Larson

    First climbing to be one of the best drinks in the country. It is smooth but quite strong. The presentation looks quite expensive, proving that sometimes marketing is all it takes. 

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