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THE WHY SERIES: Should Kenya convert to a dictatorship state after all the success China is getting under President for life Xi Jinping

Kenya is moving away from the western economy slowly and gradually as they move towards China for funding and development. 

Kenya has taken out billions in loans from China.

But in all essence China’s president Xi Jinping is a dictator after making himself "president for life" in 2014 after parliament passed a vote on removing set presidential terms.

China is a dictatorship state, But is that such a bad thing? They have experienced a GDP growth of over 10 % for the past 30 years and they are not even at their prime. 

In his tenure President Xi has uplifted over 800 million people out of poverty with this number still rising. Chinese people don’t mind his methods as long as he delivers.

YOu don't need THE WHY SERIES China has the fastest GDP growth of any developed country.

So, what has led to China’s fast growth as compared to the Kenya Economy

China have two goals set win terms of rapid development.

  1. Belt and Road initiative 

This is an initiative that has heavily supported the Kenya economy. China put aside over 1 trillion dollars to develop roads and other infrastructures in over 60 other countries. Kenya and the US being a big beneficiary of this. This not only creates jobs for the Chinese people, but it is also changing the trade trend of the world.

The main aim of the Belt and Road initiative is to make China the focal point of world trade and in essence make them a super power. More power gives them more money and control over global affairs.

  1. Dealing with corrupt officials

Corruption in China, like in Kenya, has reduced the country’s growth to a great extent. But unlike in Kenya, corruption in China is dealt with ruthless aggression. 

Thousands of state officials have been jailed without trial for any sought of corruption. And it is not just the low-level civil servants but even cabinet ministers.

Xi is in so much support of this movement that the gorvement sponsored a computer game that helps the public point out the corrupt officials by electrocuting the said official in the game.

Such ruthless aggression in terms of Presidents Xi governance is one of the driving forces behind the success of China.

But with all the good his tact has come with it does come with many flaws

For one we mentioned that Xi is basically a dictator and here is why?

Competitors jailed

In the round up of corrupt officials, Xi also jailed many of his competitors for corruption allegation. There was no trial just a conviction, meaning that as china stands even if elections were held today, he would have no competition.

Online censoring

Xi has a slight resemblance to Winnie the Pooh, a cartoon from the 90s. But such comparisons have been banned online and censored altogether in China. Imagine If #KOT could not make memes about President Uhuru Kenyatta Like this one?

But that’s not all, Xi’s government has had hundreds of people disappear for acting or speaking against the government. These people have virtually been whipped out of the internet. All news with terms like extra judicial killings has been censored form Chinese websites.

Removal Jesus’s portrait and replace it with Xi’s

In many cities in China Xi has ordered business owners to take down portraits of Jesus and put up his. Sure, In Kenya many businesses put up a portrait of the president but in china it is a law.

Place people in religion camps

President Xi has placed many Muslims in detention camps with the aim of converting their beliefs and eradicating the Muslim religion from his country. 

But China still loves Xi

Suffice all the undemocratic things Xi does, the Chinese people still love him and would still elect him today. In his tenure as president he has uplifted over 800 million people out of poverty with this number still rising. China does not mind his methods as long as he delivers.

Kenya’s position right now

With corruption one of Kenya’s biggest problems and development stagnating, would Kenyans consider turning towards China’s style of governance. 

Should Kenya become a more dictatorship state with a no holds bars president who is ruthless in both executing of his policies, but stays true to his people.

I mean Everything else has failed.

Food for thought?


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