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Top 5 Good Actions Done by “Unpopular ” Learders

The media and the society portray things as black and white, especially here in Kenya, which we know is not true…  The human nature is gray at best… and dark most of the time

In the recent past,society has condemned some leaders as being selfish and purely evil, but on taking  a closer look at some of their actions, they have done some good deeds that deserve to be commended but are instead overlooked. On the other hand, hero worship has to lead us to portray some people as demigods, but Alas, here are some good things “bad’ people have done

  1. 1 Robert Mugabe

    Today Mugabe memes are probably more popular than the man himself. He is also the longest standing  president in Africa, self-titled “president for life.” 

    Suffice his sometimes (all the time…they are funny all the time) comical speeches and stand over the presidency, Mugabe had one time led his country to have the highest literacy level in Africa at 90%. 

    He understood how powerful education is and he propelled it tp greater heights. Suffice the complete parallel of having the worst GDP and best education, am still puzzled at how much he valued education and hated any other western “gifts, ” but that is a story for another day.

  2. 2 Fidel Castro


    Castro is one of the longest-serving  presidents in the world. It is only  the queen of England who has been in power longer, considering she  got her title from birth.

      Castro had been branded by the world as a dictator. However,  Castro loved reading…come on how can anyone who loved reading do anything bad( Hannibal Lector anyone?) for all his intelligence Castro loved staying up late and is said to have slept at around three at night working. He also had no monument of himself in Cuba, saying that he does not want to be worshipped.

     What many don't know is that Fidel Castro was a  humanitarian.He sent out his doctors to help manage the  Ebola outbreaks in West Africa. The doctors were paid around ksh .7000  a month.   The doctors were happy to go to these Ebola-stricken places saying they were glad to help (*sigh* Kenyan doctors).

  3. 3 Putin

    The big bad! Even his voice is enough to make you fear him, his calm, yet sadistic face will make you tremble. Everybody hates him…wait! What? For some reason Russia loves him? 

    The people who he  has supposedly suppressed , love him. Well, the Putin story is complex, Russians love him and fear him in equal measure whereas the rest of the world hates him

     Russia,under Putin's leadership, has helped their fair share of their neighbors. They contribute billions to help refugees and are in the forefront in the fight against ISIS.

  4. 4 Kim Jong Un

    Kim has many similarities to Putin. Both hated by the rest of the world but loved(or is it feared) by his people. However much his recent actions have sparked a hot debate on its legality,Kim just wants to protect his people. 

    He sees the nuclear bombs as the only card he has, and he is determined to hold onto them. He draws his inspiration from Gaddaffi, a man who once he released his nuclear bombs was killed like a dog.

  5. 5 Mohammed Gaddafi

    The rumors are true, Mohammed Gaddafi was thought by many as one of the most dangerous people in the world and at the time only second to Osama in the FBI most wanted list. 

    His his death was so brutal that many mainstream media sites do not show it. He got stabbed by his fellow countrymen in a very "game of thrones" way(“for the watch!”) kind of way. He was dragged out on the streets, striped and murdered.

    So much so that his last words were “what did I do to you?” The fact is, suffice all his wrongdoings he built a man-made river in Libya with the underground tunnels for this desert country. 

    And… He did it without any foreign Aid. Kenya is ridden with debt (not that debt is necessarily a bad thing) but Gaddaffi didn’t need it. 

    Well, he did build this river after burning his own soldiers for his entertainment after all. He also managed to grow Libya’s GDP to become one of the best in the world and fought Apartheid when even the US advocated for white supremacy in South Africa.

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