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Top 7 Everyday things that are more addictive than cocaine in Kenya

Many people think that you can only get addicted to strong or hard drugs. But the truth is you can get addicted to some of the most common things out there.

Alcohol Addiction is a rigorous habit in Kenya, and many people end in trenches, sidewalks and garbage points. The pinching morning cold wakes you up and realize your wallet, clothes, and shoes are no more. 

The following are other notorious addictions common to Kenyans.

  1. 1 Soda

    Wilbur Lengs

    It contains a very high level of sugar and caffeine. Kenyans love sugar!  With Christmas and different festive seasons at the edge, soda becomes a  household name in most homes. It's burning hot and you grab a cold soda; it’s  an addiction and becomes a habit. It causes cancer and overweight  disorders.

    Ever ask yourself why you have more soda bottles in your house than water bottles?

  2. 2 Power

    Wilbur Lengs

    I mean political power. From the words of Sir John Dalberg-Acton “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Well, it is significant in Kenya, and the different parties strive to  maintain or resume this political power come rain or sunshine. 

     2017 has  evidenced the tight race for State House in both August and October  elections in a just a difference of three months. Did you know cocaine  and power have the same effect on the human brain? Well, I thought you  should know

  3. 3 Porn

    Wilbur Lengs

    Pornography is very addictive, and scientists have linked this to sexual  disorders. Men who love watching porn experience pre-mature ejaculation  during the act and often masturbate. You will not easily get aroused  with your preferred sexual partner. 

    With internet gadgets and free Wi-Fi  in estates, many Kenyan youths are turning slaves to pornography. With  sprouting live sex dens in Nairobi’s Embakasi and Kibra, Kenyan men  should proceed with moderation!

  4. Wilbur Lengs

    With sly queens (both men and women) trending lately in Kenya, smartphones are becoming a  norm. You have undoubtedly noticed this trend on Facebook and Twitter.  Ooh, it’s a nuisance. Every beauty is nowadays dying for a selfie!  

    Studies have proved that using smartphones lifts an individual’s mood.  However, the continuous use of these handsets leads to dissatisfaction  which is carefully compared to drug addiction.

  5. 5 Sugar

    Wilbur Lengs

    It is more addictive than cocaine. The brain interprets sugar in a very  addictive way. A habit developed during childhood in Kenya, you await  your parents’ departure and embark on the licking business.

  6. Wilbur Lengs

    Maize or “mahindichoma” is in love with Kenyans. When you pass  by a maize vendor, your salivating mouth drives you to dig the wallet  and grab the well roasted golden gift providing your teeth some  acrobatics session.

     Considering that it is cheap and flavored, you will  always notice various people in town busy chewing maize. It causes  reactions similar to those produced by drugs of abuse such as heroin and  cocaine.

  7. Wilbur Lengs

    Who doesn’t love ice cream? Studies have proved that the cravings people  experience for ice cream are similar to those of hard drugs. 

    It is  facts that with ice cream, the brain will always yearn for more. Many  drugs have this same effect just like drugs. With Nairobi’s burning and  toasting sun, Kenyans are developing an ice cream habit.

  8. 8 Oreo


    Who does not like Oreo? But the fact is you can never eat just one. They have very high sugar content. But the sugar is only part reason why they are additive. Scientists gave a bit to rats and they showed the same brain patterns as a person high on cocaine shows. 

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