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Does working as a Virtual Assistant pay well? And if so, how much can I earn as a Kenyan? Is that salary enough to pay my bills and support my personal financial needs?

These are all good questions to ask yourself if:

  • You’ve landed yourself a job interview and as a prospective candidate you need to know how much you’re likely to earn
  • You’re searching for a virtual assistant job and you need to quote a salary for your services
  • You’ve got work experience and now you’d like a competitive salary

Good news:

We’re here to help you get answers to how much you can earn as a Virtual Assistant living and working in Kenya. It doesn’t matter if you are in Nairobi, Mandera, Eldoret, Nakuru, Kisumu, Mombasa, or any other part of Kenya.

So, keep reading…

How Can I Get Paid What I Am Worth?

Imagine for a moment that you wrote an email to an employer stating your desired pay rate. And then, you receive the following response:

“You’re asking for too much. Don’t you know that the minimum salary in Kenya is Ksh. xxx a month? There’s no sense in asking for Ksh. xxx a month, especially if you are just a beginner Virtual Assistant.”

Needless to say, you will be very (very!) disappointed.

But, you can escape such a predicament by evaluating yourself to determine your worth. That way, you will be able to negotiate with your employer for additional payment.

While you’re at it, remember to be courteous and open-minded.

Here are some of the key points:

  • Education: relevant education will help you earn more
  • Work conditions: extra strenuous working conditions tend to pay better
  • The Complexity of work: work that demands complex skills will pay well
  • Supervision required: are you able to work with minimal supervision or otherwise?
  • Years of experience: the more experienced you are, the higher pay you can demand
  • Performance reviews: relevant individual performance will give a complete picture of your abilities
  • Supply and demand: with more people in your area of specialization, market demand for your services may reduce

Does My Geographical Location Affect My Pay?

The truth is, since you live and work from Kenya, your pay rate may vary from that of someone working in Europe, Australia or USA.

These continents tend to have a relatively higher cost of living than say, Asia or Africa. Thus, rates may vary accordingly.

Here are some of the factors that may cause such pay variances:

  • Social welfare
  • Job market competition
  • Economic prosperity levels
  • The value of money per country
  • Mindset issues

Does Being A Specialist Affect My Rate?

“It’s not the job title that gives you more money. It’s whether you can actually achieve something and grow someone’s business.”

There are many competitive Virtual Assistants out here. And to rise above the crowd, you need to provide value to your client.

So, can you do something UNIQUE that will contribute to the growth of your employer’s business?

If you CAN, then it will be easier for you to demand a higher pay rate. Maybe you won’t even have to ask for it. Your employer will consider you a sparkling diamond they need to grab.

Areas you can specialise in include:

Writing search engine optimised blog articles

  • Writing product descriptions
  • Graphic design


Hourly Rate Vs Fixed Rate; Which Is Better?

Hourly rates are a better option for Virtual Assistants because they present an opportunity to earn more. You get paid more when you work for more hours. Plus, it is easier for you to negotiate an hourly rate.

Here’s why:

From an employer’s perspective, a fixed monthly rate appears like a larger amount compared to an hourly rate. This gives them a false illusion that they are paying more in the fixed monthly rate option compared to the hourly rate.

You now want the pay figures, don’t you?

To learn how much can you earn, we’ll look at the average pay rates for Kenyan/ African Virtual Assistants; courtesy of the Small Revolution Salary Guide. The rates are in Kenya Shillings but you can use a currency converter to get the rate in USD or any other currency that you will be paid in.

Here we go:

Kenyan Virtual Assistant Pay Rates (Per Hour)

Virtual Assistant Copywriter Designer Customer Service Store Admin
Beginner KES.500 – KES.1200 KES.600 – KES.1500 KES.1000 – KES.1500 KES.1000 – KES.1200 KES.1000 – KES.1500
Intermediate KES.1500 – KES.2000 KES.2500 – KES.3500 KES.2000 – KES.3000 KES.1500 – KES.2000 KES.2000 – KES.2500
Expert KES.2500 – KES.3500 KES.4000 – KES.5000 KES.3500 – KES.4000 KES.2500 – KES.3000 KES.3000 – KES.4500

How Can I Increase My Pay Rate?

How to increase your pay rate is the million-dollar question, right? Luckily, we’re about to show you how.

Have an Impeccable Resume

The surest way to make a good impression online is through your resume – how you present yourself is how people will view you.

Therefore, with an impeccable resume, you’ll present yourself as someone worthy of a higher pay rate.

Your resume should:

  • Sell your skills
  • Be well presented and free of mistakes
  • Include your education, work experience, and your accomplishments
  • Include a professional-looking passport size photo

If you are a beginner Virtual Assistant, you don’t have any working experience.

Therefore, look for clients and offer a paid trial at a lower rate for about six weeks. If your employer gets satisfied with your work, you can then ask for a pay increase.

Kaziwork is a great job board. Check it out, browse for online jobs or submit your resume.

Learn A New Skill

Invest in yourself by advancing your skills. Once you learn a new skill that’s beneficial to the business, you can earn more. eCommerce University offers great online courses. Check them out.

Solve Problems

Volunteer to solve a business problem. You ask your client, “If I can get this problem solved in 2 weeks’ time, will you increase my pay?” Often, they will agree to your offer.

Over to You

You’ve seen how much you can earn as a Virtual Assistant, right? Now go ahead and implement these steps. And once you are ready to get an online job or earn better, you know where to look:



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