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Male contraceptive pills are likely to be introduced soon in the Kenyan market. The current male birth control methods are vasectomy, use of condom or abstinence. The scientists have come up with male contraceptives that are showing promising results. A gel that is injected in the sperm duct to block and filter out the sperms and the pills that prevent the penetration of the sperm to the egg, by neutralizing the chemical functions on the head of the sperm.

Vasalgel is an injectable male birth control pill that is the best alternative for a vasectomy. This gel has shown positive results on animals injected, and also there is a pill that has been tested on Indonesian men; scientist says that it doesn’t tamper with the men’s sex drive. Vasalgel is a water-based gel that is semi-permeable as it allows other fluid like semen to flow but blocks the sperms.

Responsibility for Kenyan men in Family Planning

The introduction of male contraceptive pills comes as an excellent solution to ease the burden of women. Men can now contribute to the birth control efficiently. Unlike vasectomy that carries minor risks of bleeding and infections, these new pills are straightforward and with small side effects. The new birth control methods will be advantageous to Kenyan men because:

Gives a sense of responsibility

With the coming introduction of male contraceptives in Kenya, it will be an added advantage as men will have control over when they want to sire kids. It will also be a release for Kenyan women as they will take a break from the side effects of the female hormonal contraceptives. If the plan to introduce male contraceptive goes through, men who will embrace the pills will take part in birth control.

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Easier to repair the tap than constantly clean the floor

In Kenya, there are rampant cases where men denied responsibility for pregnancy; this has led to many women raising the kids’ unaided leading to a massive population of single mothers. Too many instances of abortion and school dropouts has been the trend that is ongoing. If Kenyan men can embrace the future male contraceptive then there will be reduced cases of single parenthood.

Longer Period of Effectiveness

Dr. Amir Zarrabi, an expert in male fertility at the division of Urology at Stellenbosch University, told the daily nation that the effectiveness of the pills goes to 10years. He also stated that the pill is reversible and can be removed at any time, this is an advantage for men as they can choose when to have kids. Unlike the women contraceptive pills whose effectiveness mostly last for a year and the likes of implants that can go for only five years.

Minimal Side Effects

Many Kenyan men interviewed said that they had a fear of having the side effects of weight gain and weight loss or even low sex drive. According to the research and the experiments conducted there was no indication of the pills lowering sex drive or effects on weight. The reason Kenyan men should embrace these birth control methods positively is that there is minimal side effect according to the research. 

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Unlike the female hormonal contraceptives that have many side effects, these male pills are comfortable and very reliable. It will therefore be a great
relief for Kenyan women if the pills will soon be introduced to the Kenyan market.

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